Intensive beekeeping seminar

WHERE:  University of the Philippines Los Baños WHEN:  February 20-25, 2017 CONTACT PERSON: Dr. Cleo Cervancia CONTACT

Bee culture

NEGOSKWELA – Bee Culture Date: November  26-27, 2016 Classes start from 9am to 5pm Course Fee:

Intensive beekeeping training seminar

WHERE:  University of the Philippines Los Baños WHEN:  October 3-8, 2016 CONTACT PERSON: Dr. Cleo Cervancia

Happy Birthday PBF!

We’ve just turned 10 and it’s all thanks to you. People like you are the reason

The Bees’ Best-Kept Secret: The Amazing Health Benefits of Propolis

Bees are an absolutely essential part of life on earth. The most important role bees play

Basic Beekeeping (Mindanao)

Basic Beekeeping (Mindanao) Loyola Honeybee Farm WHEN: August 4-5, 2016 TIME: 8 AM – 5 PM

6 easy ways you can help save the bees

Busy as a bee is an accurate statement. According to the Xerces Society, a nonprofit organization

Top 30 flowers for bees

Bees are vital. Without them, pollination of crops doesn’t occur. Bees work tirelessly to provide us

Swarm rescuer in Quezon City

We received another response to our call from Mr. Jeffrey G. from La Loma, Quezon City. He

Canadian researchers to study and breed genetically-superior bees

To help combat declining bee populations, Canadian researchers have been granted funding to study the genetic